1. For each booking, at least one guest must be over the age of 18 and that guest will be legally responsible for all rooms included with that booking. That guest must be staying at Apartments Inn Byron for the whole duration of the booking.
  2. A valid credit card must be supplied with each booking and the person responsible for that credit card must be the legal holder of the credit card and be in a position to sign off any expenses that are charged to that credit card. This person must be included in the relevant booking at Apartments Inn Byron and be staying at the premises for the whole duration of the booking in question.
  3. On arrival, a pre-authorisation of $100.00 will be held against your credit card.  If this is not used during your stay, it will be cancelled on departure but may take up to ten banking days to clear from your account, depending on the bank in question.
  4. Guests and invitees of guests are expected to behave in a manner which maintains the safety, comfort and convenience of other guests and staff within the property. Management will consider the following behaviour to be a breach of the House Rules.
    • Noisy, offensive and/or unruly behaviour
    • Damage to or destruction of property
    • Improper or unseemly conduct
    • Any act or omission which, in the opinion of the Manager, adversely affects or brings discredit upon the manager, staff, owner or other guests
    • Smoking indoors
    • Littering
    • Excessive noise requiring a call out will incur a $100.00 charge & may result in the occupant/s eviction from the premises.
  5. The maximum number of persons permitted to be staying in the premises will be designated on your booking form. Guests must not hold private functions on the premises where the number of people on the premises exceeds the maximum number of persons permitted on the booking form.  Any violation of this house rule may result in the cancellation of the booking, with persons involved to vacate the premises immediately.  No refund applicable.
  6. If guests do not meet the above criteria when checking in at the premises (eg no valid credit card or the guests are not valid holders of the credit card offered), then the booking will be cancelled and a 100% cancellation fee will apply. Any exception to this policy will be at the discretion of the management. Management will not be liable for arranging or payment for alternative accommodation.
  7. Apartments Inn Byron and/or any of its employees shall not be liable for the loss of or damage to any occupants’ valuables whilst staying at the premises. Accordingly, occupants are requested to take whatever security measures they believe are necessary to protect and secure their valuables and personal possessions.
  8. Guests must leave the premises in an orderly and clean condition. Extra charges may be incurred for any additional cleaning required in your room. Management reserves the right to debit the fee from any credit card it holds from the relevant guest.
  9. Guests must not keep or permit any animals on the premises.
  10. All smoking within the premises of Apartments Inn Byron is prohibited.  Smoking within the Apartments will incur a $150.00 cleaning fee, charged to the credit card held on the Reservation.
  11. Guests must not park or stand a vehicle or bicycle other than in those parts of the premises allocated for car parking, being one car space per Apartment.
  12. Guests will be held responsible for all loss or damage caused to Apartments Inn Byron as a result of breach of the House Rules.
  13. An after hours callout of fee of $100 is applicable for any guest who locks themselves out of their room / premises after business hours.
  14. Management reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to ask any occupant to leave the premises in the event of non-compliance with the House Rules.
  15. In the event of an evacuation (fire alarm will sound), please calmly make your way to your nearest exit and assemble outside the “Mary Ryan Bookshop” directly across the road from the Apartments Inn Byron front entrance (Main Entrance).